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This is the Paradise !!!

Jericoacoara National Park

Jericoacoara National Park is located in the state of Ceará, about 300 km west of Fortaleza. Until 1985 it was just a small fishing village, lost among vast dunes and isolated from the rest of the world. Until tourism discovered it and the fame of Jericoacoara has known no borders. It has been the subject of several major television shows and publications around the world. The American newspaper "Washington Post Magazine" chose it as one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet in 1994. Jericoacoara was also the scene of the feature film "A Ostra eo Vento" and also served as a backdrop for recordings of television programs such as " Multishow " and " the Globe Network ".

What makes Jeri so special?

Jericoacoara does not have a single reason to be considered a paradise. Jericoacoara is a set of varied beauties, different scenarios gathered in one place, and also varied sensations: the contact with nature is extremely intense, the feeling of freedom that the place transmits, where everything is very large, spacious and no behavior is repressed. Another sensation that Jericoacoara transmits, through contact with its neighbors, is how life does not have to be complicated to have quality: no traffic, no schedules.

Preserve Jeri

Preserve Jeri !

Be a conscious tourist and help us maintain this ecological paradise, help us take care of Jeri!

The trash

Bring a bag when you hike, take your trash, and throw it away.

You smoke?

OK! But not nature! Therefore, use a portable ashtray to deposit cigarette butts as they pollute the soil and water of the planet.

Glass glasses

Always opt for glass glasses, but in the case of caipiroskas, throw it away.


When leaving the apartment do not leave the air conditioning and television on


Do not waste water


Take care, conserve, recycle, reuse and help rebuild a better world for all of us!

Travel tips !

Are you coming to Jeri? Perfect! We give you some tips to make your trip easier .. Jericoacoara is an Environmental Protection Area and therefore ...

  • Arrived in Jeri you can store your slippers or shoes, here the streets are all sandy and that is why you will be walking comfortably in flip flops.
  • There are no lighting poles in the city, the electricity grid is underground, which guarantees a more starry sky and a beautiful moon to admire.
  • Forget about city traffic! Here only authorized vehicles can circulate through the town, the rest when arriving at the entrance of the Vila de Jeri you have to leave the car in the city parking, which has the value of R $ 20.00 per day. However, you can use your vehicle to make the tours in the nearby places and Whenever you want to pick up your car, you call and a car comes out of the parking lot to look for you so you can pick up your vehicle. Jeri is small and charming so take the time to walk the streets and pasadisos and know this place that is very interesting.
  • Due to its small village structure, it does not have a 24-hour ATM or bank branches. We only have banking correspondents. Better to carry some money for day to day. The closest branch is the Bank of Brazil in Jijoca, where there is also a lottery shop. But rest assured, most restaurants accept credit cards and checks.
  • Here there are only two seasons: summer and winter. Winter runs from March to May, considered the rainy months. During this period it rains and the sun rises several times the same day, the vegetation of the town is beautiful and the lagoons and natural pools are full, but the temperature does not drop below 24ºC. And in the summer from June to February it is very sunny, there is still the windy season from July to November, when the town fills with people who want to do Wind and Kite Surf.
  • voltage 220W.
  • Bring sunscreen, repellent and the joy of living with you and Jeri will be simple and charming!