• Map of Jericoacoara
  • Location of the Posada Samba do Kite in Jericoacoara

How to get to Jeri

Jericoacoara airport

The new airport is only 33 km away, which makes getting to Jeri much easier and faster. Currently, only domestic flights arrive from Gol and Azul.

Fortaleza International Airport

The closest International Airport is in the city of Fortaleza, located 320 km from Jericoacoara, for you to get to Jeri from there, it takes between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the mode of transport.

Options to arrive from Fortaleza:


You can come with your vehicle or a rental vehicle, it does not have to be a 4x4. The best road is CE-085, you will get to the city of Jijoca and there you will hire the service of an accredited guide who will drive your vehicle to the town, we can even recommend a reliable guide, contact us.


The Fretcar company makes the journey from Jeri to Fortaleza and on the website of this company you can get information on timetables and ticket prices.www.fretcar.com.br/

Micro bus

We work with a collaborating company that performs this transfer, daily from 7:30 am. The Micro passes through the entire Av. Beira Mar. It is necessary that you inform us of the location where you will be waiting, contact us so we can make your reservation.

Transfer in 4x4

Pick you up anywhere in Fortaleza at any time you want, it is the most comfortable and fastest trip, approximately 4h: 30 min. while the other means of transport take about 6 hours.